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Traxr vs LinkCheetah

If you are looking for an alternative to LinkCheetah, then Traxr could be the one for you.

Link Cheetah is a great tool to monitor the status of your backlinks. Unfortunately they have decided to close down their service as of April 2020. Traxr is like LinkCheetah build with simplicity in mind. It should be easy to import and manage your links.

This is why we built Traxr the way we did.
– One-click Import og both domains and URLs
– Automatic match of Anchors and links to your domains

Traxr is built to be easy and cheap for you, but yet powerful enough to watch all your links.




Alternative to LinkCheetah

LinkCheetah is what we deem the closest thing to a great tool when monitoring backlinks. Unfortunately, they closed the service in April 2020, and that's why you need Traxr now.

Traxr is built with simplicity in mind, and if you compare Traxr to LinkCheetah, you will see that the UI is equally simple. Even more in Traxr as all unnecessary information and clutter are removed.

Traxr is up to 49 times cheaper than LinkCheetah compared to packages alone. A more fair comparison is made on functionality; the price is 5 times cheaper when selecting Traxr and still getting more updated features.

Traxr has more features than LinkCheetah when it comes to the hardcore link information it selves. Google's new rel=”ugc” and rel=”sponsored” is just two of them. Also, changes to the anchor text are monitored.

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