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Get links that work and provide value

Links are still the number one ranking factor for organic positions in search engine results.

If you are not indexed or tagged correctly, your SEO suffers. Traxr gives the overview of all your links, including those not working and why.

Proven backlink precision

100% link precision is the best way to get value from your links. Our unique algorithm creates pinpoint accuracy that does not rely on external APIs and systems.

We let you take complete control and only monitor what you deem important.

24/7 monitoring

We will monitor your links 24/7 and ensure that you only get relevant notifications when changes to your link happen. Our system provides a complete overview with domain ranking, toxicity score, financial data (profits and losses), and much more...

Stay up to date on your links and be alerted when something unexpected occurs without having to check manually.

Add backlinks any way you want

Import strategies are one of Traxr's most exciting features. Read about it below.

Import backlinks via CVS or Spreadsheet

Any spreadsheet or CSV file can be imported and directly used in Traxr

Import automatically by using our algorithms

Our state-of-the-art algorithms automatically finds all backlinks (active and not active), and allows you to import them directly in Traxr

Add manually

Using your user interface you can add your backlinks by just typing in the URL, one by one, or adding multiple at the same time

Index Status

A backlink is worthless if Google doesn't know about it.

We check each URL linking to see if it’s indexed in Google.

Canonical Check

We ensure the URL points to a different location than where you get your link.

Without canonical tags, search engines have a hard time scanning and indexing your site.

With our system, you can check how it affects your backlinks.

Client Rendering

Client-side rendered sites have no static HTML content and are notoriously hard to index by search engines.

Endpoint Check

Redirecting pages ensures visitors don’t get lost and that changes to a website don’t have tons of dead ends.

We follow any 3xx redirects and show you the chain and the endpoint.

HTML Headers

Traxr monitors changes in HTML headers like nofollow, noindex, UGC, and sponsored.

Undetected changes in HTML headers can distort the backlink connection.

Traxr monitors changes in HTML headers like nofollow, noindex, UGC, and sponsored.

HTTP headers and status codes

HTTP headers are essential for ensuring that your site has the correct prerequisites to make the backlink work.

Want an easy to understand system ?

This is what you get. We have made our dashboard as easy as possible and it will give you exactly what you need to monitor how your links are doing.

If you fill out the contact form, we'll send you a discount code ;) 

We're here to help!

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