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How does Traxr work?

Simplicity and Precision

Imagine a tool that works silently, efficiently, and transparently to ensure that every link you value is monitored with surgical precision. This is Traxr, a groundbreaking system designed with simplicity and transparency at its core. Here’s how Traxr works to keep your backlink profile in top shape.

We visit web pages to verify that a link is present on the webpage. We only visit webpages users have imported into the Traxr system. We do not visit pages, which a user has not entered into the system.

The Essence of Traxr: Transparency and Efficiency

1. Targeted Visits:
Traxr only visits the web pages that you have specifically imported into the system. Our approach is straightforward: we verify that the specified link is present on the webpage. We never visit or scrape pages that you haven’t entered into the system. This targeted approach ensures maximum efficiency and minimal resource usage, both for Traxr and the web servers we interact with.

2. Resource Efficiency:
In cases where multiple users monitor the same URL, Traxr optimizes resources by visiting the page just once. This collective approach minimizes unnecessary load on external servers, reflecting our commitment to efficient and respectful web interactions.

Ethical Practices: No Scraping, No Intrusion

3. Ethical Monitoring:
Traxr strictly adheres to ethical standards. We do not scrape websites for any information. Our operations are transparent, focusing solely on reading the URL that users have provided. We store only the link’s anchor text and identifiers, ensuring that your data remains specific and relevant.

4. Controlled Access:
We do not follow internal links on the websites we visit. If we monitor a single URL from a website, Traxr will visit that page once every 24 hours to verify the link’s presence. For websites with extensive link activity, like news sites or link-selling platforms, each URL is visited individually to maintain accuracy.

Advanced Link Management

5. Comprehensive Monitoring:
Traxr is more than just a simple tool; it’s an advanced link management system designed to monitor your links and assess their value continuously. Our sophisticated technology ensures that you are always informed about the status and health of your backlinks.

Meet the Traxr Bot

6. Transparent Identification:
Our operations are powered by the Traxr Bot, which uses a third part proxying service to maximise the import success rate for uploaded links. We believe in transparency; hence, our bot does not scrape but only reads the necessary portion of a site to determine the presence of a user’s links and other link relevant attributes such as ugc, sponsored, no-follow, do-follow, status (lost/live), and much more. 

7. Respectful and Non-Intrusive:
The Traxr Bot respects the integrity of websites. By focusing solely on the specified URLs and avoiding the extraction of unnecessary data, we maintain a respectful and non-intrusive presence on the web.

Your Trusted Backlink Guardian

Traxr combines simplicity, efficiency, and ethical practices to offer you a reliable link monitoring solution. By focusing on precise operations and transparent processes, Traxr ensures that your backlinks are managed with the utmost care and integrity.

Ready to experience the future of link management? Join the Traxr community today and let us handle the complexities of backlink monitoring while you focus on what you do best.

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