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Traxr vs Linkody

Traxr is a great alternative to Linkody, as you will find more features and a much better price. Just have a look at the comparison table below.

Even though LinkOdy is not a link monitoring system, many marketers has been using this tool because there has not been a specific niche tool to do exactly that




Alternative to

Even though the two systems are far apart in core functionality, many marketers have been using Linkody to monitor their links, because there has been a lack of tools to do just that. Traxr is different in many ways, when compared to Linkody.

Traxr uses a manually 100% accurate link monitoring strategy, whereas almost every other tools, inlcuding, uses automation by using API’s from, og – some even a combination.

The problem when using the API is that you will not get an accurate result. No one has a direct line to Googles Data Centers and that is why we can only guess/predict or approximate, what they know.

Traxr does not like that approach. Its simply not 100% precise. This is why all links are added manually to Traxr.

Does automation not work – Well yes and no.
Any given website has a bunch of incoming links and you will find roughly 80% of those using an API.

Traxr works differently. We ask you to add the links that have value to you. This being links you purchased, traded or built using good solid PR work.

These are the expensive links. The ones that potential costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. Loosing a link like this would be bad, but even worse if your linked was never indexed or tagged wrong by the editor. This is the big difference between LinkOdy and Traxr.

Traxr Monitors all aspects of the link, the link value and gives you a precise way to handle any problems.

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