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Screenshot of the Traxr Dashboard

KPI's & Insights

With our user-friendly dashboard. You can get key insights on your links and growth. We include visual graphs that provide current and historical overviews of your data.

Our financial insights allow you to check how your money is spent, how your links are performing, and how you can optimize your spendings.

Easy overview

Our user interface allows our users to keep track of all backlinks easily. You can import your backlinks automatically by using our algorithms and third parties, import them via. a spreadsheet, or add them manually.

We get your domain's data and link profile from multiple third parties and then crawl the links with our own web crawling technology to import, verify, and analyse links.

Screenshot of the Traxr Link Overview Page
Screenshot of the Traxr Notifications Page


Our notification system informs you anytime something important happens:

  • When your links are no longer active (lost links)

  • Whenever one of your links has had a link removed

  • Whenever a new link has been inserted into your backlink

  • When a link's rel status changes

  • When a link is updated (based on data)

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