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Track your Backlinks, Publications and Advertorials

Access real-time, on-demand scraping and scheduled crawling of articles, posts, sponsored content, and more. Stay informed with instant notifications when key metrics on your links change

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Traxr is different! With Traxr, you get what you need.

Traxr is different! With Traxr, you get what you need; We don't believe in huge systems that try to do everything. We provide excellent customer support and nurture an active community to help you get the best product experience. We have built Traxr to monitor your links with surgical precision and offer an easy-to-use system to manage all your links with crucial information such as KPIs and other financial insights. Let's upgrade your backlink CRM! 

Main Features

We have the lowest price in the world with our feature set, and we will continue to develop more for you

World's best price!

We believe in giving you the best ROI on your link-building and SEO efforts. You can start by trying our Starter plan, when you are ready to get serious, our Business plan starts at only 39 USD.

Index Status

Our easy-to-use dashboard gives you a complete overview of all important parameters, including performance over time.

Find out how your links are performing through analytics data. Are they working correctly? How much value are they providing? Are you getting your money's worth?

Link Monitoring 24/7

Keeping track of links in real time is essential to running a well-performing online business. Traxr gives you instant updates in case of:


Security Issues

Technical Issues

Explore the main features of Traxr Link CRM

Save thousands of dollars

Link building is one of the most important aspects of SEO and online marketing.

But it can be expensive and cumbersome, especially if you are not on top of what goes on.

Sites are closed, owners change, or articles disappear. With Traxr, you can instantly know when changes occur and act on them immediately.

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Aiming for accuracy

Today, most marketers manage their links manually in a spreadsheet as they do not want to pay hundreds of dollars for a backlink management system that does not address all their needs. One of the major problems with current systems is accuracy. They only find 60-80% of the links to your site.

We have done extensive research among backlink experts and users to identify the most important features necessary in a backlink management system.

On that basis, we have developed the most competitive system at the lowest possible price.

Our features include 100% accuracy, an intuitive interface, and instant notification of changes. We are constantly working on making our system even better to meet the demands of our customers.

happy customer

Kim Hansen

CEO at

"Without traxr it would not be possible for me to find the links that disappear for one reason or another. I have often seen a link disappear where traxr notifies me. Then I can address the owner so the error can be corrected. Traxr is worth all the money. And then it's actually really cheap"

Start using Traxr today!

The proof is in the pudding. Try Traxr for free, and let us convince you that our system gives you all the necessary information to manage your backlinks efficiently. Our dashboard is intuitive and gives you a complete overview. You get exactly what you need to monitor how your links are doing.

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